Jan 14, 2013

And we are the champions my friend...

On first glimpse, it sounds a little like a documentary that might be voiced by Richard Bacon and shown on Sky Arts, with comments from Stephen Bayley and someone who sat next to Jonathan Ive at college (once). What Champions of Design II: This Time It's Impersonal (I made the last bit up, btw...) does is provide a fairly stress free introduction to product design, branding and marketing.

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Aug 1, 2012

Hitting Stuff and Singing In Chimneys

What a great way to preview an album. The days of the humble press release are nearly done...

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Mar 6, 2012

Grimes & Misdemeanors

Not only is this a good track with a really entertaining video, this Canadian waif with a look of danger in her eyes is a veritable quote machine. It's the sort of combination that's tailor made for the music press, so it's no wonder she's the artist to look out for this year, according to NME.

If you're intrigued to find out more, check out Hermione Hoby's interview with Grimes in The Observer: "In my dream world, I would just write music for Rihanna and sit in pyjamas and have really dirty hair."

Wouldn't we all...


Mar 5, 2012

The Shins: Simple Song

Good band. Fantastic video. That's all you need to know. Except that their fourth album Port Of Morrow album is being previewed on The Shins website.


Mar 1, 2012

Holding On For Dear Life

Not all journalists are the morally bankrupt swine of popular caricature, but there aren't too many innocent souls either. You have to be quite careful harnessing the expectations of journalism students. Most of them, poor kids, are constantly fed opinion as fact that they'll be lucky if there's a publishing industry left by the time they graduate as fully-fledged music journalists.

Playing the Alabama Shakes album to a group of second-years at Southampton Solent Uni (or Level 5 as we're supposed to call them) reminded me that these sassy 20 year-olds are not quite how they appear. There they were, reviewing a band without a track record, a reputation to hang an opinion on, and they were quite lost. In a good way.

Innocent enthusiasm replaced received wisdom. Everyone liked the album for what it was, not what it had been marketed to them as. They also thought it was going to be a big album for 2012: and they're probably spot-on.