digitalGas is a sociable kind of operation featuring a core of partners who contribute specific expertise to projects when needed. Collaborative methods of working are cost-effective for the client as well as ensuring more than one attendee at the digitalGas Christmas party. 

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  • Perfect Motion

    Rob Alexander is an award-winning radio, TV and film producer. When he's not exploring industrial boilers in the middle east or interviewing blues icons in the deep south, he's up in Liverpool producing a documentary charting the four year journey of a group of aspiring Olympic boxers for Channel 4. Rob shoots for digitalGas on a regular basis.

  • Animal Monday

    Adam Lavis is one third of the Animal Monday team, award-winning documentary makers, whose film on Wojtek: The Bear That Went To War, was broadcast on BBC4 at the end of 2011. Adam edits digitalGas' video projects.

  • Show Me Magic

    Luke Jacobs is a Director of Photography who shoots beautifully using Canon 5D and 7D cameras with Nikon prime lenses. He recently shot and edited a stunning short film on the Green Man festival for Visit Wales.